"Founded in 2020 by Paul Graser. The main use of the team was to compete in the iRacing Nürburgring Endurance Championship. The team quickly transitioned to being a group of guys looking to compete with each other in iRacing’s major events. However, when Michael Tanagretta joined the team, a vision was created. We stated a mission which was to “help new drivers start their sim racing careers and assist them in joining bigger teams”. We have always had the goal to help others improve. Now that the team has grown, we now compete in leagues like the CMS iRacing Team Endurance Championship with more leagues we plan on joining in the near future. Today, we even compete in real life racing, with 5 SCCA cars, a stock car, and numerous karters. Along the way we have brought on real life racing drivers like Evagoras Papasavvas, Jagger Jones, Albert Morey, Ryan Kane, and Charles Ayers. Throughout our existence, we have old drivers leave and new drivers join, learning ways we can improve with each one, no matter what, we have always helped drivers obtain the experience they want and need."